Don’t Need More Books, But… Book Haul!


…Let’s just say there’s a reason why this blog is called “I Think I’m Obsessed”.

I love bargain buys on books and lately I was able to get all of these books for five dollars! What a steal! Honestly, there’s not a whole lot of room left in my room for more books, but personal space is overrated. In fact, space is overrated. As long as I have a little air hole to breathe somewhere, my room can be 99% books. As I always tell my parents, “hey, it’s better than drugs.”

Or is it? Hmmm. Questions I like to ponder late at night. Continue reading


Small Book Haul!

Went on down to the good old Barnes & Noble yesterday. I’d actually thought that all big chain book stores had gone out of business (wow, I’ve been out of it), so it was a pleasant surprise to know that I can still buy overpriced books at Barnes and Nobles! Oh, the joy!

Although I walked in the door with a budget of just one book–just one, I tell you–I walked out with two books (oh, the horror), because I’m not capable of limiting myself to just one book. Why even try? But. at least I set a “budget”, otherwise I would have walked out of those doors with twenty books (and absolutely no money to my name).

I’m super excited about these two books, though! 🙂 Continue reading