I have a rating system that I use here for all of my books! Here’s a little more information about how I “rate” the books that I read:


1/5: Not worth my time (or, in my opinion, yours). I prefer not to give this rating because it’s so sad!


2/5: The book was below average. It was bearable, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


3/5: I liked this book. It was a fun way to pass the time, but it didn’t leave a strong impression on me. It was a good read and I may or may not recommend it.


4/5: I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it! Characters were well developed and the plot was gripping and fun! I may even read it again when I finish reading all those other books I have to read…


5/5: WOW! This book blew me away! Get out the sparkling cider and let’s have a party! If you haven’t read this book, put down everything you’re doing right now, jump into your car, rush to the bookstore, grab this book of the shelf (or, though I don’t endorse fighting, wrestle with whoever stole the last copy of this book off the shelf)!!

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