Review Policy

Many of my books I receive from NetGalley, but some of them I am given by a nearby book company.

Please feel free to leave a comment on any of my reviews! Let’s talk about books!

Every review I dole out on this site is completely, 100% honest. My reviews are wholly my own and are not influenced by whether or not I received a free ARC. I AM NOT BEING PAID. But, if you want to give me free money just because, please visit the “Contact”. I’m always willing to accept free money (not bribes). 😉

If you wish to have me review your book, please visit my “Contact” page.


Each of my reviews contain the following elements:

1) A picture of the cover of the novel being reviewed

Every novel cover is linked to either the book’s Amazon or Goodreads page

2) The book’s blurb

What you’d find on the back of the book or on the inside cover… I’m really resourceful! By the way, I usually get this description from Amazon or NetGalley, depending on where I received the book.

3) The publisher

4) The number of pages (may vary)

5) My brief summary of the novel

I will try to avoid spoilers… I only sometimes include this element. Book summaries are painful for me and I find them difficult (probably a painful reminder of my elementary school book reports).

6) Moral Rating

I understand that some readers are cautious of what they read and only want to read clean fiction and non-fiction. I prefer clean fiction and non-fiction, too! That’s why I have this rating system. For each review, I will give a rating and a brief description of why I gave the novel that rating.


ratingsguidetab11leMy system is pretty similar to the one above, but I do crack down on my novels a little bit more than most teenagers.

G: Nothing inappropriate – your 3-year-old cousin could read this

PG: Some small stuff: maybe some kissing, light violence, light inappropriate humor

PG-13: Sexual references/innuendo (or hinting at sex scene), few bad words, violence, etc.

R: Sexual references/innuendo/sex scene (LOTS), a large amount of profanity, gratuitous violence

7) The Good

Here is where I’ll tell you about everything that I really liked about the book. Sometimes this section will be longer than “The Bad” and… sometimes it will be shorter. As I mentioned above, I am an honest reviewer. Even if I disliked a book, I will always mention something I liked about it.

8) The Bad

Here is where I’ll tell you about everything that I disliked about the book. Whether the writing was sub-par or the characters were poorly-developed, I’ll give you my take on it right here. Nifty, right? And, hey, if I loved the book, this section will be short! Yay! I don’t like writing this section…

9) A Soundtrack

I like listening to music while reading. I put one or two songs on each review that remind me of some aspect of the book. I will link these! 🙂 Music is awesome!

10) My rating

I give my overall rating of the book (out of 5). I use cute little blue hearts because, let’s face it, this blog is girly. Sorry. Not sorry.

In Accordance with the FTC, all books reviewed on my blog were purchased by me or I received it from an author or publisher in exchange for a honest review.  I am NOT a paid reviewer. Please do not take any reviews from this blog without my permission. I DO NOT own all the pictures on this blog. I found them on either Netgalley or another web site and posted them on here because they add content/information to my reviews. I am in NO way claiming that they are mine. If you see a picture on here that belongs to you, let me know, I can give you credit or I can take the picture down. Thanks!

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