The DNF Factor #1

I’ve decided to add a new series of posts to this blog that I (hopefully) won’t use that often. I’m just going to shorten my reviews of books I haven’t been able to finish (DNF) and give a brief explanation of why I didn’t finish them. If I didn’t do this, my blog would probably be overrun with long-worded rants about why I didn’t like these books. And, although I’m sure they would be entertaining, I always feel badly after being negative about a book!

If you so desire to know more about these books, click on their covers. All of them are linked to their Goodreads pages!

1. Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick

cover39428-mediumWhile this book has a cute premise, I couldn’t get more than 11% through the book. Yes, I know giving up on a book at 11% is pathetic. To put things in perspective, I almost gave up on this one at 3%. It was a trying book for me to get through. I couldn’t stand the main character’s ranting and Paul Rudnick’s constant run-on sentences nearly killed the Grammar Nazi in me. Plus, there was an absurd amount of cussing. I don’t do absurd amounts of cussing. I really wish I could’ve gotten into this one because I did read a couple reviews that said that it does get better. I love cinderella stories, but this one definitely wasn’t for me.

My Feelings About This Book In A Gif:


2. The Here and Now by Ann Brashares

cover35542-mediumI started this book months and months ago and have been meaning to get back to it. I don’t think I will go back to it. First of all, it centered around time travel and did not make any sense. There’s a random love interest that also confused me. I never read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants so this was my first Ann Brashares novel. I wasn’t impressed! I cannot find the willpower to try reading this again.

My Feeling About This Book In A Gif:


3. The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon

cover41958-mediumI fully expected to finish this novel, but it is literally the longest, most verbose novel I’ve read in quite some time. And Goodreads just says it’s 384 pages! I could’ve sworn it’s like 900!

I really did enjoy this book, though, and Alena Graedon is a very skilled writer with a lot to say. This book makes a direct commentary on our social media world today (or, at least, that’s how I took it). It has actually made me paranoid about the words I use and makes me freak out when I forget words. I kid you not. I want to shout “WORD FLU” at people that make up words. There’s some crazy stuff going on this novel.

There are also some very large, complex words used in this novel and I simply do not have the time to look up every single one. Reading this book took a lot of energy out of me and I simply do not have the time to dedicate my life to this novel. I would recommend this novel to people that enjoy dystopias for an older audience. This definitely had a social commentary edge to it too — an aspect that I can fully support and enjoy.

My Feelings About This Book In A Gif:

tumblr_m1q2alYTrR1rq9537o1_500NOTE: All three of these novels were given to me for free by the publishers/authors in exchange for my honest opinion.

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