A Definitive Ranking of The Top 15 Hallmark Christmas Movies

A Definitive Ranking of The Top 15 Hallmark Christmas Movies

About six years ago, I wrote a list of the Top 15 Things You'll Find in a Hallmark Movie. Since then, this post has been viewed a couple thousand times and my love for Hallmark sub-par storylines has only grown. It has been a while, so I decided to share my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies. [...]

Top 15 Things You’ll Find in a Hallmark Channel movie

Top 15 Things You’ll Find in a Hallmark Channel movie

If you know me, you are aware of my over-the-top love for Hallmark Channel movies. Perhaps it was a love born out of only having basic cable for most of my life or perhaps I'm a glutton for ridiculously cheesy, sub-par romantic plot lines. Whatever the case may be, here's fifteen things that you most [...]

Two Week Hiatus

Hello there, lovely followers! I'm going to be taking a two+ week blog hiatus to focus on my studies and finals. I'll be back soon with more sassy book reviews. 🙂 Thank you again for following ITIO. Read some good books while I'm gone and we'll talk when I return! ...for now.

Just a quick thanks…

When I started this blog a little more than six months ago, I'd be lying if I told you it was highly premeditated. I tend to create Twitters, Facebooks, Gmails, etc. in minutes with barely any thought of whether I'm actually going to use them. This was one of those! I just jumped into the [...]

Opinion: Déjà Vu Book Covers

I've been seeing a lot of "déjà vu" covers lately. Those pictures that you've definitely seen before as covers, but authors keep reusing them. I don't know if there's a stockpile of photos that authors can use for their book's cover if they don't want to create their own, but this is something that I've [...]

Dystopian Novels! Yay or nay?

Recently, I've found myself shying away from reading anything in the Dystopian fiction genre. I find that they echo the same sort of rough rubric and - though they're fun to read in moderation - I can't read one after another after another after another after... well, you get the point. The government is somehow [...]

Opinion: I love the internet and I’m proud of it.

I suppose it started when I was younger. My family has always been an active bunch - more likely to go out hiking than stay inside playing computer games or watching TV. I grew up with a love of reading. I grew up with a love of creativity. Sure, I could go outside. But, I [...]