Review: Divided by Elsie Chapman


The hunter becomes the hunted. . . .
West Grayer is done killing. She defeated her Alternate, a twin raised by another family, and proved she’s worthy of a future. She’s ready to move on with her life.
The Board has other plans. They want her to kill one last time, and offer her a deal worth killing for. But when West recognizes her target as a ghost from her past, she realizes she’s in over her head. The Board is lying, and West will have to uncover the truth of the past to secure her future.
How far will the Board go to keep their secrets safe? And how far will West go to save those she loves? With nonstop action and surprising twists, Elsie Chapman’s intoxicating sequel to Dualed reveals everything.

PUBLISHER: Random House Books for Young Readers

PAGES: 320


I was given this ARC by Random House and that does not affect the following review in any way, shape or form. Thank you, Random House! 🙂


PG/PG-13: Less violence than the first, a few cuss words (like one or two), lots of adorable kissing


Again, Elsie Chapman’s suspenseful story completely captivated me! This sequel to Dualed packs many of the same punches as the first, but also shines in its own right. There are some delicious plot twists that surprised me and added a whole new level of complexity to the world of West. West and Chord’s relationship is adorable, too, and is displayed more prominently in this one. Lots of kissing — these two, I swear. Just get married already, please. I like how Chapman didn’t feel the need to put in a trivial love triangle to adapt to typical YA. Their relationship is believable and Chord is a sweet, strong character whom I admired. I still had problems envisioning West Grayer as a fifteen-year-old (a personal problem, I’m sure), but I grew to like her more in this second book. It’s clear that Elsie Chapman wanted to pen an admirable, courageous heroine who, despite her many wonderful qualities, is not perfect and makes plenty of mistakes. West Grayer is not a perfect heroine, but that makes her even better!I definitely feel like there’s going to be a third book in this series and I’m probably going to end up reading it!


The world that Chapman has created is fun, but if you question it too much, it will fall apart. You just have to fly free with your imagination for this one. Also, at times I felt like there really was no need for a sequel; some of the situations West Grayer found herself in seemed strained and unlikely. That being said, I liked this book. It was fun to dive back into West’s complex, dangerous life.


Recently got hooked on a show called Witches of East End and this song was featured in it! I love the soft, yet powerful way this song flows and feel that it is perfect for West Grayer’s journey back into danger.


Overall, I’d give this sequel a 3.5/5! I definitely enjoyed the first book more, but I think Divided answers more of the readers’ question about the world of West Grayer and The Board. It was a fun romp, but don’t take it too seriously. If you’re looking for a good, suspenseful read, pick this one up.


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